Job Description

  • The position involves innovative thinking about RF algorithm design, software and combinations thereof as well as technology evaluation, concept design, prototype development, implementation and demonstration.
  • This position will also involve the development of waveforms on SDR platforms such as Ettus Research, Epiq Solutions and HackRF.
  • Responsible for designing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting and maintenance of specialized python/ TensorFlow and GNU Radio programs.
  • The position will utilize TensorFlow and AI algorithmic techniques with GNU radio to explore and develop unique, secure waveforms and protocols.
  • Work on a variety of engineering assignments, collaborating with scientists and engineers, and will be expected to produce reliable software and systems and contribute to publications and funding proposals as needed. 
  • Work in both classified and unclassified settings and on a wide variety of applied areas.
  • Write and participate in research proposals to major funding agencies.
  • Present and report research results and publish scientific findings in peer-reviewed journals.


  • Senior Technology Analyst