Create your Video Resume (Visume)

15th August, 2020

This is the age of video logging. Gone are the days where employers take days to process the text profiles of job applicants.  Welcome to Visume, game-changer in profile sharing and job searching.

Here are the guidelines about creating your pitch-in video resume or visume.
1. Personal details (Time duration 30 seconds)
    a). Family background
    b). Educational background 

2. Achievements  (Time duration 30 seconds)
    c). Outstanding achievements in education (Ph.D thesis, patents,  papers) / in personal life (e.g: made an impact in the life of people around you)

3. Career goals (Time duration 30 seconds)
    d). What motivates you at work
    e). How do you measure success
    f).  Any outcome that has made a big positive impact in your career

4. Misc items (Time duration 30 seconds)
    g) Role models in professional and personal life, if any.
    h) At home hobbies (playing guitar, keyboard, singing, drawing, fitness freak..)
    i) Social hobbies (e.g. running marathon, organizing, and participating in social events)..

Above are only suggestions but you can make a list like above and get ready to shoot your pitch-in visume.

It is advised to limit the video to 2 minutes..

Good Luck from !!!